What are we doing in class?

5th grade Currently we are learning about weather.  Students will ultimately work in a team and create a weather forecast to share with the class. We will learn about the four elements of weather, air pressure systems, air masses and fronts and how to predict the weather.

4th grade Currently we are learning how to research effectively about the United Nations Sustainability Goals.  We are learning what digital tools can help us and how do we make sure we are not plagiarizing others work.  During this unit, we will research and learn to search using keywords with a partner.  Then students will present their information using WeVideo.

3rd grade Currently we are learning about digital citizenship.  How do we become positive digital citizens, create a reputable digital footprint and not fall into digital traps or unsafe places. We will then move onto Heredity and how we receive traits from our parents.

2nd grade Currently we are learning how to use our new google accounts to create a slide presentation about ourselves.

1st grade
Students are learning about forces and motion.  They are using on-line activities and building seesaws and wheelbarrows from KNEX to help them solve a problem of how to move rocks out of the way.

Kindergarten and ECE Currently we are learning how to navigate websites safely and move back and forth between sites.  We will be using ABCmouse.com to learn grade level concepts.



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