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We need your input to create effective parent technology classes for the 2015-2016 school year.  Please click the link below to take our survey.

Parent Survey


Learning to Type

Congratulations to Cimone Holliday!

She passed the advanced level!  These are all the lessons before you move into the professional level and work towards a typing certification!

When asked how she accomplished this, she said, ” I practice everyday after school.”  Great way to show McMeen character traits and prepare yourself for middle school!

  Practice is very important for the high tech expectations in today’s classrooms. Students have the opportunity to practice at home or in areas of the school.  The lab is open before school, at lunch and after school for students to use the computers if they do not have one at home.  A tablet is fine to practice as long as it has a standard keyboard for proper fingering.

To practice, go to

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year!  It is going to be a fabulous year.  McMeen elementary school is a Google school and will be using student google accounts for grades 2-5.  Information will be going home  if a child is not signed up for an account.  The google sites are managed by DPS , safe for our students and a great learning environment to teach the essential computer skills for today’s world.  They are not public accounts and are very different from accounts, so there is no worry about a child’s information being shared with out permission.  I am excited as we explore this new tool for students and continue to help them apply technology into their school year.

Google accounts

This is a very exciting time where technology is used in every aspect of our lives.  Students need to learn how to safely and efficiently use it to their advantage.

Therefore, students in grades 2-5 have created their school google accounts.  These are a safe way for students to learn about e-mail, collaborating on documents with groups, creating presentations, documents and navigating the web.  We are using them as a place to store information as well as a way to access their materials at home or any computer with internet capability.

Please note that DPS has safeguards in place to prevent spam and provide students with the utmost safety while exploring the world of the internet.  

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

The technology class is a new addition to the McMeen Elementary specials rotation and I am excited to make it something fabulous!  We will be doing more than just computers, since technology involves so much more.  Students will learn to use computers in a real life manner, be able to apply these skills now, as well as use them as they move forward in life.  The classroom curriculum and concept will be designed around the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Education for Global Leadership initiative.

Read more about what STEM is and how it works in education.

We have a full lab that includes 28 iMac desktop computers, iPads and Dell netbooks.