Think more than just video games!


Cellphones and tablets can keep us connected to the world everywhere we go. They provide immediate entertainment and information, but they can also remove us from the world. We can get lost in the technology and lose sight of events happening around us.   How can we use these tools to learn to interact with the world and not hide inside the game or movie?

Sooooo, Video games aren’t all you can do with technology this summer.  Summer is here, but that is no reason to lose your tech skills.  3-5th graders your typing account will be open to practice.

  • Go on a scavenger hunt with your camera phone.

Take picture of things that are green, things that are round, shiny things or even your favorite things in your house or outside. Be creative and then let share your photos with family and friends.

  • Write a grocery or to do lists for your parents on your phone or tablet.

Be in charge of crossing off the items as you shop or complete them.

  • Create drawings on the computer about activities you do.

Use a drawing website like TuxPaint, Google Drawings or ABCya storymaker to draw a

nd write about places you go or activities you do throughout the summer.

  • Make signage for pretend play areas or a lemonade stand.

When you are playing make believe, create signs or pictures to put in your space. Make a sign to advertise a lemonade stand.

  • Research things you see around you.

Use the internet to search for information about things you discover throughout the summer. This could be something as simple as learning about a plan

t or flower.

  • Use google Maps to look at your neighborhood and plan a bike or walking route for the day.